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Quarterly Newsletter No.3 April 2014



Pruning & Removals: 10% off pruning and removals scheduled by May 31st, 2014.

Plant Health Care: $25.00 off your first application.
*New Plant Health Care contracts only.


We value the referrals you send our way! We’d like to thank you by giving you $50.00 off your existing invoice, future work or a check for $50.00 for each qualifying job you send us.

*Limitations apply:
All offers require $500.00 minimum order. Trees over 30’ tall are not eligible for the discount. All technical pruning and removals are not eligible for discounts.

*Contract must be accepted by May 31st:

Let’s Spring Into Action

image1_newsletter3This is the third edition of our Colorado TreeScapes, Inc. Newsletter. These are meant to be both informative and enjoyable. We want to share something that provides insight into the nuances of tree care to Colorado residents—whether tree enthusiasts, property manager, or just those with a keen eye for natural beauty. Possessing the knowledge base to offer trees a chance to grow and thrive is for the yard-loving layperson as well as the arborist. We’ve been doing this for about sixteen years now, and we know that often the best way we can serve is to simply be a resource. We hope you find our little newsletter to be functional, fun, and germane to all your tree-related interests.

Thank you,
The Colorado TreeScapes Team

Emerald Ash Borer

As the news that this exotic pest has arrived in Colorado gains momentum, it will not be long before you will get an abundance of information from news sources and social media outlets. Some of it will be useful, but some if it will also be misleading and exaggerated. How will you be able to sift through it all to find the truth? We would like to offer some help.This is a brief overview of what we know. Emerald Ash Borer has been confirmed only in small areas of Boulder. Most professionals believe it is more widespread than that, but we are all using caution and patience to ensure accuracy in the ID process. It could be several years before any large scale damage is seen. Throughout the states back east that are affected, the general timeline is five to six years before major devastation occurs in infested areas. EAB will only attack Ash trees; no other species is impacted by this pest. There is no containing or eradicating the insect. Sooner or later it will have a financial impact on anyone who owns an Ash tree along the Front Range. This insect has an almost 100% fatality rate on trees it attacks. It will basically come down to whether protection or removal is the right decision for each individual tree.If you would like to be better informed and are looking for reliable and up-to-date information, we highly recommend you check out This is a link to the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s website that contains all news, education materials and other links related to the Emerald Ash Borer.

Featured Tree: Northern Catalpa

Scientific Name: Catalpa speciosa

Mature Height: 40’ to 60’

Mature Width: 20’ to 40’

Growth Rate: Medium to Fast

Drought Tolerance: Good

Summer Foilage: Large heart shaped medium green leaves, large white flowers

The Northern Catalpa is a fast-growing flowering tree, with large leaves and beautiful white flowers through the late spring and early summer. The large leaves provide excellent shade which, along with the beautiful flowers, make this an excellent backyard shade tree. The Catalpa is extremely tolerant of varying moisture levels and requires partial to full sunlight; the catalpa also attracts hummingbirds and honey bees when flowering. The Catalpa rarely drops branches; however, its seedpods do drop in the fall requiring a bit more cleanup than some other trees.

What Are Your Trees Worth?

It is common knowledge that trees add value to your property, but until recently there was no way to quantify their value. Many scientists have been working on ways to calculate the many useful features of trees that make up their holistic value. Today there are several useful online tools available, where you can enter basic data about your trees and calculate their worth. One of the more comprehensive resources is i-Tree Design, which can be found on This unique calculator uses a google map image of your home and then lets you identify your trees in the surrounding landscape to show you the economical and ecological benefits those trees provide. It has several adjustable settings to allow you an in-depth look at all the ways your tree can and have added value to you and your property. Of course, the social and emotional value of your trees cannot be calculated, and only you can determine these.

One of Us: Shawn Anderson

Shawn Anderson is approaching his fourth anniversary with Colorado TreeScapes this upcoming April. Under the guidance of owner and president Griff Gehring he has become an integral team member with the company. Shawn has a true passion for serving customers, and he loves the education opportunities the tree industry presents.

He recently tested for and received his Qualified Supervisor Pesticide Applicator licensing from the Colorado Department of Agriculture. This means he is a licensed Qualified Supervisor in the categories of Ornamental and Forestry pest control. The next goal for Shawn is to obtain his Arborist License from the International Society of Arboriculture. This is something that he is currently studying for and plans to complete by year’s end.

Shawn currently holds the title of Assistant Manager in the Plant Health Care Department. He plans and oversees the yearly pest control and deep root treatment programs as well as any treatments for tree disease. Along with these duties, he also is involved in other areas of business operations, from tree pruning to tree planting.

Shawn is a Colorado native. He has been blessed with a wonderful family which includes Maleah, his wife of six years, and their three wonderful children Silas, Barrett and Paisley.